Bontà di Altamura was founded in 1987 in the city of bread, thanks to the passion and commitment of Mr. Giuseppe Clemente, who wanted the other Italian provinces to become acquainted with the typical Apulian products and the goodness of the famous “Pane di Altamura”, which the European Union has awarded the “Protected Designation of Origin” mark, protecting and eliminating any attempt at counterfeiting that exists on the market.

The company’s mission is: offer the goodness of traditional recipes from Altamura and all the Italian regions to the whole domestic territory by researching and carefully attending to quality.

Over the years Bontà di Altamura has selected and acquired typical products, which stand out for their top quality ingredients, a very important factor for ensuring the seriousness of the company.

The Bontà di Altamura Catalog comprehensively presents all these products to satisfy everyone’s needs.

The company’s organization is in continuous evolution, presently allowing continuous and optimal service to each Italian region, with the objective also of crossing national borders.